Some people tend to think of going to church for the first time like their first day of junior high at lunch time. Will people look at me funny? Will I fit in? Am I dressed okay? It’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed at a church for the first time, but our hope is to get you connected to the right people and plugged into somewhere that fits you best.
Questions contact: Rev. Steve Moss at pastor@goodnewsumc.org or 214-803-3609.

When you arrive…

Park in any of our designated guest parking and walk on in. Visit our Welcome Center and introduce yourself to one of our Hospitality Greeters and help yourself to a free cup of coffee. The greeters at our Welcome Center will be able to point you towards any one of our various types of services or to the area for Sunday School or somewhere to drop off your kids!  Be sure to check back after the service for a free gift and get any last minute questions answered.

What is the service like?

That is a good question. Our contemporary service is for those who enjoy a worship experience filled with praise, good music and an uplifting, relevant message.

What should I wear?

You can wear a suit, a nice shirt and jeans, or your favorite Cowboys or Rangers shirt with your flip flops. God doesn’t care too much about the outward appearance, so neither do we.

What if I have children?

Great! We provide child care in our nursery, and small groups for all ages.  Check out our small groups!