Spiritual Discipleship Path

"The Church changes the world not making converts but making disciples."   John Wesley

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Seedling (Exploring)

Where am I?

I am exploring the Christian faith.  I am beginning to discover my God-given gifts and talents.  I am still uncertain of my beliefs but am desiring to learn and grow.

How do I grow?
  • Join in Worship and Fellowship
  • Learn Basics of Bible Study, Prayer, Devotional Time, and Faith
  • Begin to Consider Service to Others
  • Seek out Mentors (Apply for a Mentor)

Sapling (Beginning)

Where am I?

I am understanding the basics of Bible study, prayer, devotional time, and my faith.  I'm learning to live in relationship with God and my community.  I'm excited about sharing my growing faith with others.

How do I grow?
  • Learn United Methodist Church language and Foundations of Theology
  • Serve in the Church and on Missions to Grow and Experience Joy
  • Develop Daily Practice of Prayer and Devotional Reading
  • Join the Church
  • Begin to Give Regularly


Where am I?
I am engaging in my daily spiritual practices and relationships.  I am taking ownership of my personal discipleship path and using my gifts and talents to serve others regularly.

How do I grow?

  • Explore Leadership Opportunities
  • Seek Deeper Understanding of the Bible
  • Continue to Grow Spiritually, Financially, and Relationally
  • Apply Scripture to Daily Life


Where am I?

I am modeling strong Christian principles. I am taking on leadership responsibilities, and am comfortable sharing my faith with others.

How do I grow?
  • Mentor Others and Train Future Leaders (Apply to be a Mentor)
  • Restructure Financial Choices to Honor God and Bless Others
  • Live Out Christian Principles in All Areas of Life