God's Plans Our Hands Capital Campaign

Pledges are still being accepted for this capital campaign.  Please see Pastor Steve Moss for details or pick up a pledge card in The Gathering Hall.

God's Plans Our Hands Campaign Brochure

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Campaign Goals: Life Changing Ministries are a Direct Result of Debt Reduction

The pledge period from our previous campaign is ending in the spring of 2015. If it became necessary for us to pay down the principal on our building note from our church’s daily ministry budget that would mean tens of thousands of dollars over the next three years would have to be directed from ministry to building payments.
Simply stated, our church could not be the church God is calling us to be, nor the
church we are today. Life changing ministries attract people and retain the families we have. God’s blessings are evidenced in all we have accomplished. We are faithful, so let’s “finish the work”, honoring God and celebrating our mission. The campaign goal of $500,000 includes applying $313,421 toward debt reduction, plus the needs outlined below and within the campaign brochure you can download above.

Parking Lot Expansion $112,663
To improve ingress and egress, the drive will be
extended to LaJaita. We will also extend the drive
to the east and add 13 spaces. Electrical work
will make provision for two parking lot lights.
Necessary architectural and engineering services
and site development area. 

Architectural Design $20,000
From the early days of occupying our church home,
we have seen the ever growing need for flexible
space in which small groups, Bible study and
various church family and community gatherings
could be held. This seed money will begin the
process of designing such a facility called for in our
master plan.

Digital Signage $25,823
We live in an information culture. The ability to
greet people as they drive by the church is a plus.
This site feature will be an attractive and efficient
means for sharing inspirational thoughts with
our community, distributing announcements and
welcoming people to our church. The sign will have
a white acrylic top with the church logo and a full
color LED message center display.

Kitchen Improvements $28,083
Hospitality is a hallmark of Good News UMC.
Kitchen improvements include a four-burner gas
stove, griddle and vent system. This amount also
includes full installation of the necessary plumbing,
exhaust system and carpentry for roof repairs
needed as a result of the exhaust installation.